The Story

Hallie is no ordinary wild cottontail rabbit. She loves to make friends with all who cross her path.

"Oh Hoppy Day!" is a heartwarming wildlife story about two lost animal friends (Hallie and her friend Sammie the squirrel) on an amazing journey to find their way back home.


Book Review

by Lesley the Bird Nerd

"Love the book! How you show friendship between humans and animals. How we are all part of the same world. I also enjoyed the back of the book where everyone that you love is there sharing the joy with the animals, and how you give tips and tricks about wildlife. Pictures are beautiful. Thank you. Keep writing. Cannot wait to see the next book about Sadie." Tiffany
"Having grandchildren of my own, Oh Hoppy Day! was referred to me by a dear friend. I was immediately taken back by the excellent quality of the book, from cover to graphics. The story was engaging, not too short, not too long for a child. The characters were endearing, in fact our granddaughter adores them. Myself, I enjoyed the personal towards the end, from the family dedication to the educational activity at the back of the book. It’s for this, I’m writing my first referral ever for a book. I highly recommend it."Faith


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